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6-figure service blueprint
Learn the 4 Pillars of a Successful Client Business
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In This Guide, You'll Learn:
  • Strategies to transform your idea from frustration to momentum
  • The structure, systems, and mindset required to scale your service business
  • Simple tweaks you can put in place today and get real results
Hey, I’m Dustin—nice to meet you!

After 5 years of struggling as a “sidepreneur” while working full-time corporate jobs, I learned a lot about what doesn’t work, and eventually had a few “aha!” moments that lead me to creating JumpX Marketing, the marketing agency I still run today.

I’ve successfully scaled JumpX to over 6 figures, and I'm paying it forward by teaching others how to start and grow their service businesses too.

People like Jessica who started a fitness coaching business helping new moms reclaim time for themselves and burn off extra weight from pregnancy. She works from home every day (or anywhere else she pleases).

Or like Brittney who started her debt consolidation service business because she saw the impact it had on her own life, and she wanted to help others.

Or like Bridgette who started her email marketing service business to help brands scale their ecommerce revenue.

One of my passions is helping people start and grow their service business from scratch, and claim the freedom and joy of business ownership.

The 4 phases in this guide will explain how to position your service business to grow to 6 figures and beyond. You just have to be willing to put in the work!
Dustin Lien

Dustin Lien, CEO JumpX Marketing,
author, speaker

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